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At LSAS Tec, we offer solutions that revolutionize the accessibility and efficiency of space technology across the globe. Through our cloud-based platforms and intuitive interfaces, we simplify your approach, making space software and data more accessible to all. Committed to democratizing access, we provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring users from startups to universities can harness our software's power. With a focus on improving efficiency throughout the space mission lifecycle, from operations to design and analysis, we streamline workflows, eliminate silos, and accelerate adoption through dynamic training and certification programs. At LSAS Tec, we're dedicated to expanding global access and transforming the landscape of space technology.

LSAS Tec's software portfolio revolutionizes space technology accessibility, boasting cloud-based platforms with intuitive interfaces and agile operations, democratizing access beyond cost barriers. Furthermore, our flexible architecture effortlessly integrates with various software and data sources, streamlining tasks traditionally handled manually and enhancing efficiency in space mission operations.
Technical Support
The seasoned aerospace engineers at LSAS Tec are dedicated to delivering unmatched customer experience, providing comprehensive onboarding, support, and resolution services for all endorsed tools. Additionally, LSAS Tec aims to streamline the learning process, empowering users to quickly achieve proficiency with our software solutions.
Training Courses
LSAS has partnered with a number of prestige training companies to provide an extensive offering of classes, ranging from intro to advanced operators. The certification programs and training seamlessly integrate today’s use of standard tools, accelerating adoption and proficiency.
Engineering Services
Collaboration is at the core of LSAS Tec's approach, recognizing our clients as indispensable partners in our shared success. With a widespread global presence of aerospace engineers strategically positioned to align with your time zone, we are poised to effectively address your unique needs together.

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We are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of industry leaders and innovators. Each partner brings unique expertise and value to our initiatives, helping us to push the boundaries of technology and service.

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