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LSAS Tec Company Overview

LSAS stands for “Land, Sea, Air and Space”, and these are the environments where LSAS Tec models systems for design, development, training, and operations.

LSAS staff includes people from the United States, Europe and Japan. The Japanese staff has been working with AGI software for nearly 30 years and three experienced engineers and business professionals formed LSAS Tec in 2009 to focus on mission design and operations. LSAS Tec has grown to approximately 25 employees from around the world, and has recently expanded operations into the USA with the establishment of LSAS Tec, Inc.

LSAS has built a reputation as a trusted solution provider to small commercial space ventures, large systems integrators and government customers. LSAS has developed additional COTS software capabilities that utilize the underlying AGI technology to maximize user benefit. LSAS has also integrated other COTS software to offer a complete space operations solution. New investment by private venture companies into the commercial space market has increased the need for organizations to quickly design, develop and launch operations to achieve a return on that investment. LSAS is positioned for this growth.

LSAS Tec is one of the few private professional engineering groups with both the product development and integration expertise to support both start-ups and mature customers who need additional help to complete their missions.

While we do recognize the growth of the space operations business as a key focus area, LSAS continues to support mission design and operations in all domains, which is why LSAS stands for “Land, Sea, Air and Space”. Contact LSAS Tec for more information on how we can help achieve your goals.

Our Services


AGI Product

AGI Product

AGI’s superior analysis tools are the foundation of our missions. We help you shorten development time, reduce costs, and make better decisions.

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Unified Mission analysis Automation Tool

The Unified Mission analysis Automation Tool (UMA) is an extension module created to increase the efficiency of operators and analysts by automating the workflow of space mission operations and operational analysis.

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We return to our customers the technology we have cultivated through projects in the space field and software support services. This is a unique service provided by our engineers.

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We contribute to the development of the space industry through advanced technological development and human resource training.

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“Major Users of AGI products” in the USA

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