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LSAS Tec is a distributor of the AGI product line from Ansys, which includes the flagship STK and ODTK products. By providing analysis tools that form the basis of the mission, we help shorten development time, reduce costs, and support decision-making from the mission operational concept design stage to operation.

Product List

  • Systems Tool Kit

    Systems Tool Kit (STK)

    Space and Defense Industry Standard Software for Multi-Domain Analysis

    Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a desktop application or cloud.  STK is available in Pro, Premium and Enterprise versions. STK supports rapid and accurate decision-making by providing, in a single tool, the ability to accurately simulate and analyze the location of assets on land, at sea, in the air, and in space. It supports rapid and accurate decision-making by providing the ability to accurately simulate and analyze the location of assets on land, sea, air, and space in a single tool. The Software Development Kit (SDK) can also be used to build applications that incorporate STK functionality.


  • STK Scheduler

    Provides the ability to schedule mission-related tasks. Provides powerful scheduling aids designed for mission designers and operations engineers.



    Module to simulate spacecraft. A single package can simulate satellite attitude, payloads, and subsystems such as power, heat, and communications in coordination with each other.


  • STK Engine

    Provides an application programming interface (API) for adding STK’s analysis and visualization capabilities to existing applications or building new custom applications.


  • STK Components

    Offers a collection of native Java and .NET development libraries. Libraries can be combined with your own business logic to quickly and affordably develop enterprise or programmatic solutions.


  • ODTK


    High-performance orbit determination software

    The Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) is a desktop application. It is specialized for satellite orbit determination and can be used to determine orbits of multiple satellites with a single tool. It can read and process tracking data in a variety of formats, and can generate highly accurate orbit determination values and realistic covariance values. Tracking data simulation functionality allows the use of tracking equipment even when real data is not available, such as during the mission design phase.

Which STK product is a match for your challenge?

Which STK/ODTK product is best for your challenge?

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