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UMA is equipped with five different modules for different purposes.

The Unified Mission analysis Automation Tool (UMA) is an extension module created to increase the efficiency of operators and analysts by automating the workflow of space mission operations and operational analysis.

To improve the quality, reliability, and interoperability of the analysis, we have integrated and developed the Systems Tool Kit (STK) and Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK), civilian products that are universally used in the aerospace field. A web browser-based visualization engine using the open source Cesium is included for easy sharing of UMA analysis results.

With UMA, routine operations can be performed regardless of the level of understanding of the analysis tool. Skilled operators can achieve significant efficiency and labor savings in their work by operating UMA and analysis tools in tandem.


Virtual Space Wargame enables operators to perform wargaming scenarios between a Red Team vs a Blue Team, enabling comprehensive analysis, and enhancing decision-making in space operations.

  • Multiple Personas for Training Environments

    • Blue Cell (Training Audience)

    • Red Cell (Aggressors)

    • White Cell (Moderators)

  • Light-weight Web-based Form Factor and Workflows

  • Full Physics Environment + Orbital Dynamics

  • Orbit Determination and Sensor Scheduling

  • Analysis of Effects-Based Outcomes

  • Multi-Domain Support

  • Real-time Clock Control and Performance


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stk odtk Cesium

Digital Satellite Operations supports the future of satellite operations through an innovative Digital Transformation approach. Combining industry standard and COTS technology for end-to-end simulation of satellite operations.

  • Commanding and Telemetry Experience: Command the vehicle and monitor real-time telemetry for state-of-health checks and make operational decisions.

  • Simulated Space Environment: Real-world scenarios executed with precision and authenticity.

  • 3D Visualizations: Elevate situational awareness with immersive 3D.

  • Mission Planning: Astrogator-powered Trajectory Design tools ensuring accuracy and reliability in a virtual setting.

    • LEO Operations

    • GEO Operations

    • RPO missions

    • Lunar and Cislunar missions


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Flight Dynamics is an Automation and Extension Tool for ODTK for Orbit Determination Toolkit..

Orbit Estimation from Measurement to Orbit: Observation Association to Orbit Determination to Maneuver Processing to Satellite Analysis

  • Data Management: More easily manage and use data about a satellite constellation/group and information about tracker network.

  • Observation Association: New capability enhancing measurement data processing for known and unknown satellite processing.

  • Maneuver Processing: Integration of Maneuver Processing tool from COMSPOC, and automation of the maneuver analysis.

  • Dashboards: Central repository for user information, satellite, tracking, and measurement overview for information dissemination.

  • Automation: Automatic reporting and graphing.

  • Output:Export products for sharing, selective export options, handling partial processing scenarios and connection to STK.


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Operation Support Tools elevates STK capabilities through advanced automation for enhanced operational efficiency. UMA’s suite of tools empowers space professionals to perform advanced analysis, streamline operations, and gain deep insights for informed decision-making.

  • Conjunction Analysis:

    • Close Collision Analysis: CA module performs both 1 vs. N and N vs. N conjunction analyses, providing insights into potential collisions.

    • Results Visualization: Conjunction results are presented in a separate window, exportable to CSV and CDM formats for further analysis.

  • Re-Entry Analysis

    • Predictive Re-Entry Analysis: RE module predicts re-entry scenarios based on specific TLE files or orbital calendar data.

    • Parametric Analysis: Perform parametric analysis on re-entry times and positions, assessing the effects of various parameters.

    • Heat-Map Visualization: Heat-map displays highlight high-risk re-entry areas, guiding users for potential collision assessment.

  • Launch Window Analysis

    • Launch Window Analysis: UMA helps evaluate launch scenarios, assessing their impact on vulnerable satellites and orbits.

    • Comprehensive Insights: Understand the effects of launch timings on satellite vulnerabilities and nearby objects.

  • Evaluate Ground Station Performance:

    • Ground Station Management. add and import ground stations with ease, define sensor constraints for accurate analysis.

    • Evaluate sensor performance using overlay analysis, calculating visibility opportunities for the TLE database, along Efficient UMA Relative Motion Analysis.

  • Satellite Support Tools

    • Satellite Management: add and import satellites from various methods. Manage the satellites visualization more easily.

    • Space Object Event Calculation: Calculate event times for space objects, including solar phase angle history assessments.


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UMA X utilizes the SSA Software Suite (SSS) to provide both, a SSA Operational solution along with desktop products for end-to-end operations.

  • This architecture is designed for scalability, reliable performance, full-database integration, secure operations, and web-based user interactions.

  • SSS is used by COMSPOC’s operations team in support of worldwide space operations.

  • UMA on desktop is used by Space Domain Operations in Japan to support training and exercise support activities.

  • LSAS offers COMSPOC solution along with LSAS, Ansys and other 3D party technology to fit the needs of an Operational SSA Solution


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