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LSAS Tec has completed many custom R&D projects in support of our customers. If you have programs to compete, but not enough resources and time, LSAS Tec can review your requirements and propose a solution. Some examples include: custom workflows that make it easier for your customers or internal users to use the AGI tools, integrating other Ansys analysis tools with AGI products, and creating additional capabilities that are unique to your organization. We can create the Digital Twin of your platforms and mission as needed by your internal processes or customer requirements. Please contact us here (link) with a description of your needs.


We are deeply involved in trajectory planning, trajectory analysis, and ground system planning at the sites of lunar and planetary exploration missions planned at ISAS. As the private sector increasingly enters the space field, we support the development of reliable plans.

Our engineers hone their skills and develop an eye for analyzing the feasibility and hazards of planned missions through support work for STK, a system analysis software widely used in the aerospace field.


STK and ODTK are desktop GUI applications, but almost everything that can be done with the touch of a button can be controlled through an API (Application Programming Interface). We undertake development work for customers who perform routine analysis using STK and ODTK, customers who wish to realize analysis in conjunction with applications, and customers who wish to integrate the software as an overall solution.

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