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LSAS Tec embodies a legacy of triumph and collaboration, recognizing that genuine advancement arises from unified efforts toward excellence. As a leading provider in the aerospace and defense sectors, we offer a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From integrating networks for comprehensive spatial visibility to guiding projects from conception to orbital success, our solutions span land, sea, air, and space domains. We provide both off-the-shelf and customized software solutions, coupled with unparalleled customer support and training programs.

What we do:

At LSAS Tec, we offer solutions that revolutionize the accessibility and efficiency of space technology across the globe. Through our cloud-based platforms and intuitive interfaces, we simplify your approach, making space software and data more accessible to all. Committed to democratizing access, we provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring users from startups to universities can harness our software's power. With a focus on improving efficiency throughout the space mission lifecycle, from operations to design and analysis, we streamline workflows, eliminate silos, and accelerate adoption through dynamic training and certification programs. At LSAS Tec, we're dedicated to expanding global access and transforming the landscape of space technology.

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PO Box 672 Vail, AZ 85641 USA

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Tokyo Club Building 5th Floor 3-2-6 Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0013 Japan (lsas-tec.co.jp)

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