LSAS is proud to partner with the following organizations to provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

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Ansys provides a comprehensive suite of digital engineering tools and solutions tailored to the needs of modern mission-critical systems development. By integrating advanced simulation capabilities with data analytics and collaboration tools, Ansys digital mission engineering enables engineers to design, simulate, and optimize complex systems across various domains, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and electronics.

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Auria specializes in providing advanced software solutions for satellite mission planning, scheduling, and optimization. Their suite of tools enables satellite operators and mission planners to efficiently manage and execute complex space missions. Auria's software is designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making processes, and maximize the utilization of satellite resources. With a focus on precision and innovation, Auria remains at the forefront of driving advancements in the space industry.

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Cesium provides cutting-edge software solutions for creating and deploying 3D geospatial applications that enable users to visualize, analyze, and share dynamic spatial data. Leveraging the power of WebGL and other advanced technologies, Cesium offers a platform that supports the creation of high-fidelity, interactive virtual globes and maps. Their software is utilized across various industries, including aerospace, defense, urban planning, and geospatial intelligence, to facilitate informed decision-making and enhance situational awareness.

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COMSPOC serves as a vital hub for monitoring and managing commercial satellite operations in space. Specializing in space situational awareness, COMSPOC tracks satellites, debris, and other objects orbiting Earth to ensure safe and efficient space operations. Utilizing advanced technology and data analytics, COMSPOC provides critical information and support to satellite operators, enabling them to mitigate collision risks and optimize their missions.

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Integrity ISR

Integrity ISR University is an educational institution dedicated to providing specialized training in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) techniques and technologies. Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, Integrity ISR University offers a dynamic learning experience tailored to the evolving needs of ISR professionals. Whether aspiring to enter the industry or seeking to enhance existing skills, students benefit from comprehensive instruction led by experts in the field.

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Keysight offers advanced simulation software designed to facilitate the development and testing of complex networked communication systems. With Keysight's software, users can create realistic network models and simulate various scenarios to evaluate performance, security, and reliability. From wireless networks to IoT deployments and military communications, Keysight provides valuable insights that help organizations optimize their network designs and deployments while reducing time-to-market and costs.

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Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is a premier space technology company specializing in providing frequent and reliable access to orbit for small satellites. With their innovative Electron launch vehicle, Rocket Lab offers flexible and cost-effective solutions for satellite deployment. Their vertically integrated approach enables rapid production and launch turnaround times, ensuring efficient access to space for their customers.

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Space Exploration Engineering

Space Exploration Engineering (SEE) is a pioneering aerospace company dedicated to advancing the boundaries of space exploration. Their team of experts specializes in developing innovative solutions for spacecraft design, propulsion systems, mission planning and training. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, SEE is at the forefront of creating spacecraft architectures that enable ambitious missions beyond Earth's orbit.

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